We follow the generally accepted project management methodology as developed by the Project Management Institute. We treat each project as unique and tailor our methodology to offer maximum advantage to the customer.

The success of any task in services, depends on effective project management.Access Steel has a management structure in place that ensures the timely, cost-effective delivery of our products and services. Because we understand our clients' concerns about cost containment and managing deadlines, Access Steel uses a proven methodology for determining and managing project scope, deliverables, estimate, timeline, development processes, and delivery issues. Three keys to IT Elite's project management success: Excellent communication, attention to change management, and quality assurance.

Project Planning

All projects have a Project Plan, consisting of three sections :

  1. Activity Plan
  2. Quality Assurance Plan
  3. Applying Standardization

Review and Approval of Project Plan

The project plan is reviewed as per the documented procedures before the project execution begins. The reviewed project plan is approved by the PM, and managed and controlled as per the documented procedures.

Project Tracking and Monitoring

Project plan forms the basis for tracking and monitoring the project, and is kept up to-date as the project progresses. The process of monitoring the project adheres to the documented procedures. Project tracking is done using MS Project.

Revision of Project Plan

The Project Plan is revalidated as per the documented procedures and revised if necessary. The revised Project Plan is reviewed, approved and controlled as per the documented procedures whenever it undergoes a revision.


We believe that for successful execution of a project, customer involvement in all phases of the project is necessary. We make collaborative efforts between our customer and us. For achieving this, timely communication between the two teams is essential. We use emails and weekly conference calls to report project status and to discuss issues related to the project.

Engineering Change Request (ECR) Management

A project is a team activity. During the course of complete project life cycle, many change requests are raised at various stages from customer, consultant, designer, a member of development team or testing team. Implementing these changes without a proper system of version control leads to many problems.

For each Engineering Change Request :

  • There is a need to understand and analyze the requirement to know the Impact on various components.
  • Verification that all change requests are implemented and adequately tested is done using traceability matrix.

Risk Management

We identify, analyze and respond to project risks from Project Initiation phase till project closure. Our project plan identified the risks, documents the risk mitigation plan for each of the identified risks. The purpose of this section is to identify the various risks that could impede the project progress and identify the possible measures to contain them. The highest risk items will also be monitored on a continual basis and corrective action will be taken at the appropriate time.

A sample risk management plan is given below :

No. Risk Element Risk Level Description Measure Responsibility
1 Delayed client response Low Delay in project schedules due to lack of client response Maintains communication logs and escalates the delays to next immediate level Customer
2 Schedule slippage Low Not meeting time frames as per the project plan.  Periodic reviews of the Project plan. Deployment of additional resources to meet the schedules AA
3 Scope increase (other than specified in RFP) High Increase in the scope of project due to increased functionality  The increase in scope will be routed through change request procedure and the effort will be estimated for new enhanced scope and shared with the Client Customer / AA
4 Requirements not defined clearly  High Some design parameters are not clear through the concept. This will be studied at the defining the scope of the project phase and taken the customer’s consent. AA / Customer